Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome to the Champlain College Workforce Development Center Blog

Welcome to the Champlain College Workforce Development Center blog.

Champlain College, founded in 1878, is a small private college located in the beautiful Hill Section of Burlington, Vermont, overlooking Lake Champlain. If you've ever visited Burlington, you know what a beautiful and vibrant community it is. We are lucky to live and work here. If you'd like to share the experience, please visit us (

The Workforce Development Center is located within Champlain's Continuing Professional Studies Division and was established to meet the workforce challenges of businesses and organizations. At Champlain, we understand the complexity of running a successful enterprise and we deliver programs that directly impact quality, productivity and professional/technical development while improving the bottom line (

At the Center, we partner with private companies and international societies to deliver certified education and training that is ahead of the curve. We help businesses and organizations remain competitive in the global marketplace. One example of this is our Online Marketing Boot Camp that we offer in collaboration with our partner EpikOne ( We just ran our third boot camp on campus last month ( and hope to run more in the near future. People traveled from across the country to attend. Our keynote speaker was Avinash Kaushik, the Web Analytics guru.

We also provide internationally recognized certified training in digital forensics, CCE BootCamp,( taught by industry experts every quarter.

Need more support as a manager? The second round of our Management Excellence Seminar Series ( will launch on September 12th. This series is targeted to new and recently promoted managers who need additional training to reach their full potential as team leaders and front-line supervisors. We also found that experienced managers who needed additional support also attended when we first offered the series in May 2008.

Finally, we will be offering a two-day Executive Leadership Technology Summit - Business Agility through Technology on September 10 & 11 ( in collaboration with Vermont Business Roundtable. Steve Shepard, internationally renowned telecommunications expert, ( will lead the Summit with his brilliant presentations. Steve, who is a Vermonter, has delivered this training in over 70 countries and he finally offering it at Champlain College in his backyard! CEOs, COOs and other senior level managers are encouraged to attend.

That's it for now. Please let us know if you'd like to learn more. Our contact info is below.

Melissa Hersh, Director Cathy Brotzman, Project Manager
(802) 865-5402 (802) 865-5471

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