Friday, June 5, 2009

How Popular Are Social Media Tools - We Asked Our LCA Participants

In preparation for our Leadership in a Connected Age (LCA) conference on June 9th at Champlain College, we surveyed participants ahead of time to find out which social media tools they currently use. We thought it would be interesting information and helpful to the instructors and industry experts presenting at the conference in preparing their remarks.

The question was: Which social media tools do you currently use?

Here is what we learned.

Facebook - 36
Twitter - 22
Blog - 19
Listserv - 17
Email - 74
None - 1

We are expecting over 90 people from diverse backgrounds, i.e. education, business, nonprofits, government, students, and while the survey was not completed by everyone, this information does give us some indication about how popular these tools have become. Hopefully after this event, these numbers will increase!

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