Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things to Consider for an Office Holiday Celebration

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If your organization is bringing its employees together to celebrate the holidays, here are some things to think about prior to your celebration to help make your party a success. Whether your celebration is hosted off-site or as an in-house pot luck, planning ahead will help you and your employees enjoy the celebration.

• If celebrating off-site, choose a week night to help with your budget.

• Provide plenty of food, plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, and entertainment.

• Remind employees that the same behavioral policies and rules at the office apply at the party.

• If you choose to offer alcoholic beverages, take a few minutes to review your insurance policies for alcohol-related events.

• If serving alcohol, limit consumption by providing a limited number of drink tickets to employees of legal drinking age. Stop serving alcohol before the party officially ends.

• Provide cab fare or have available a list of cab numbers for the ride home. Let employees know if discounted hotel accommodations are available nearby should they want to stay overnight following the party.

• Ask members of your organization to assist with overseeing the party to make sure everyone has a safe and fun evening.

• If company business presentations are made, keep them short. Remember this is a company party, not a full-blown business meeting.

• If honoring years of service of employees, acknowledge staff as one group. Remember to keep the speeches to a minimum.

• If your budget allows, give out raffle tickets for a few door prizes. The prizes don't have to be expensive.

• Do have your management team mingle and introduce themselves to employees. It only takes a second to shake someone's hand and everyone likes being acknowledged.

• Remember to thank the employees who pulled all the pieces together to make it a great celebration.

A well thought out party can be a lot of fun and help build relationships in your organization. Decide in advance what your expectations are for your gathering and enjoy your time together.

You might also consider forgoing a party and bringing your employees together to participate in a volunteer project in your community. It's a great way to help others while building employee camaraderie.

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